Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We are the premier Christ-based Restoration & Respite Center in the world, where pastors reorder, reinvent, recharge and rejuvenate their lives.

Our Mission

We create a safe and confidential setting in which pastors receive holistic treatment for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  


The CAP Restoration & Respite Center is a Christian organization comprised of two distinct programs.  

  • Restoration provides a place where pastors who have had a moral or ethical failure can come to experience God's love in a safe environment.
  • Respite gives pastors needing rest from the labors of ministry and family obligations a much-needed sabbatical.


Pastors take priority in CAP Restoration & Respite Center requests.

The CAP Restoration & Respite Center will allow other ministerial leaders to participate in the Restoration Program if their pastor, who is a CAP partner or member, recommends them.

CAP Leadership reserves the right to make the final decision on all requests based upon our ability to meet the needs of each candidate.
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