Women Clergy Advisory Group

What is Women Clergy Advisory Group (WCA Group)?

We are a division of Christian Alliance of Pastors, Inc. (CAP).  We are governed by the By-Laws of CAP.  

We are a group of individuals who want women in ministry, to be properly equipped, spiritually prepared and mentally ready, so as not to cast an aspersion on our Father or the area of ministry they represent.   We are Kingdom Builders.

We assist women in navigating the murky waters of patriarchal systems, while embracing their "womanhood" without apology or concession.  We give them the much needed resources to equip them to be their best and to represent God with the highest degree of excellence in their fields.

OUR VISION:  We are an ecumenical organization that equips women to serve in pastoral, ministerial and didactic excellence; while leading spiritually authentic, balanced, God honoring lives.

OUR MISSION:  We provide spiritual support, mentoring, resources and training and development for women in pastoral, ministerial and didactic capacities.

OUR TARGET AUDIENCE:  We support women in pastoral, ministerial and didactic positions, to include:


  • Senior Pastors of Churches
  • Assistant/Executive/Associate Pastors
  • Lay Ministers
  • Evangelists
  • Missionaries
  • Professors and Teachers of Theology and Religion

How does Women Clergy Advisory Group (WCA Group) admit individuals?

  • Complete the CAP application process and pay any associated fee
  • Must be a CAP member in good standing
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